Self harm, suicide awareness and ligature procedures 6hrs

Self harm, suicide awareness and ligature procedures 6hrs

SSAL01 | Manager induction standard 5/7 HSC226 and HSC374 respectively

Care Certificate standard 9


This  one day course is  specific to specialist support staff working within the mental health and crisis intervention sectors where self harm and suicide may be present or where awareness of its potential is required.  The aim is to improve and develop for learners an effective knowledge base to understand self harm and suicide  and to provide core skills to enable, reduce, assess and manage potential and actual incidents.  This should enable workers to be confident and subsequently safe in their practice.

The course also explores ligatures,  and will enable staff to have the skills to assess their work environment for potential ligatures. Including carrying out an initial assessment, subsequent ongoing risk management, staff are then advised in the processes involved in safe and appropriate practices should a service user be at risk of ligating.





Who should attend?

Specialist support staff working with service users who present within mental health and/ or crisis intervention sectors where self harm and suicide may be present or where awareness of its potential is required.

Proposed Learner Outcomes - The worker must be able to

Learners will be able to understand :

  • What is self-harm, who self-harms and how do people self-harm
  • Why people self-harm and why people continue to self-harm
  • Know when someone is self-harming
  • Know what long-term risks are associated with self-harm
  • Understand what immediate risks are associated with self-harming
  • What are alternatives to self-harm and what support can be given
  • Understand suicide – stats, types and how to develop a prevention suicide strategy
  • Outline the benefits of an environmental assessment and risk reduction policy
  • What are ligatures ?
  • Perform an environmental suicide and ligature point risk assessment using a traffic lights system
  • Support good practice in assessing and removing potential ligatures including cutters
  • Demonstrate use of a ligature control and audit policy
  •  Carry out exercises and a post learning audit


How many candidates may attend?
This training is limited to 15 staff attending.

Equivalent Relevant information

1. Certificates are issued for each learner and if dated, are valid to that period.

N.B Learners attending must complete the entire duration of the training to qualify for a certificate.

2. A learner assignment is required post training for audit and PDP purposes.

Registration details are kept by us for Seven years and are legal documents. It is important to register in block capitals clearly on the day.

How to book your course

Please call us on 0208 144 9491. You can also submit our online booking enquiry form too.

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