ODLQC Accredited award to Maintain safety at work 12hrs

ODLQC Accredited award to Maintain safety at work 12hrs

IND01 | Elements of competence HSC 027/037

Care Certificate standard 13

This course contributes toward the recommended guided learning hours, you should carry out practice reflection, document and attach subsequent evidence from this training.


The purpose of this session is to provide comprehensive safety at work instruction at
induction level for staff in compliance with the requirement laid down in the care Standards
Act 2000 and the Health and Safety at work act (1974) And Manual handling operations
(1992). The format is to complete in a practical way standard 8 of the common induction standards refreshed.

Who should attend?

The unit is designed as mandatory induction training  and is therefore applicable across the care
sector where underpinning knowledge is require and as a more cost effective option than individual induction training.

Proposed Learner Outcomes - The worker must be able to

Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
• Employers responsibilities, Employees responsibilities, How the act works.
• What is COSHH, Material Safety Data sheets (MSDS), Safety symbols.
• Risk Assessment
• Identifying risks in the work place, The Reporting structure, Understanding
risks of violence and how to minimise dangers.
• Emergency Actions
• How to shut off electricity, gas and water.
• Security
• Importance of security in the work place.
• Moving and Handling
• Basic structure and function of the spine.
• Manual Handling Regulations.
• Risks when moving and handling
• “No lift” Policy
• Risk Assessment
• Safe moving and handling techniques
• Demonstrate safe moving and handling techniques
• Demonstration of correct use of moving and handling equipment.
• Show the ability to use the correct moving and handling equipment.
• Fire Safety
• Mechanisms & Mechanics of fire.
• Fire Prevention, recognising risks.
• 1st Response.
• Raising the alarm.
• Calling the Emergency Services.
• Evacuation
• Assembly Points
• Fire Safety Video
• Safe Food Handling
• Understand the causes of food poisoning.
• Safe food preparation.
• Food storage in domestic and working environments
• Infection Control
• Identifying infection risks in the working environment.
• Identifying main routes of infection.
• Identifying Communicable diseases.
• Preventing the spread of infection.
• Correct method of hand washing.
• Why and the use of personal protective equipment.
• Emergency First Aid
• Incident management.
• Your responsibilities
• Summoning emergency assistance
• CPR.
• Recovery position.
• Burns.
• Major Bleeding.
• Patient assessment

How many candidates may attend?
This training is limited to 12 learners

Equivalent Relevant information

Please note that as this is a practical workshop numbers are limited to 12 staff in
The use of on site and available handling aids should be included. In order to do this, a
practise area must be made available as well as access to all on site handling aids.
Included in the session is theory based information relating to Anatomy and Physiology of
the back. This may involve a powerpoint presentation.
The key points are:
1. The training venue should be quiet and undisturbed.
2. Staff should not be expected to be on duty
3. Staff attending must remain for the entire length of the session to obtain a
4. A practice area must be made available that is accessible for the staff to use
during the training
5. Trainers can only demonstrate hoists on production of a valid 6 monthly test
certificate as required by LOLER (Lifting operations lifting equipment
Regulations). If there is no evidence that you hoist has been tested within the
LOLER requirements, the trainer will request that you sign a declaration to
exempt the trainer from liability in the event of an incident. Should you prefer not
to sign the declaration, the trainer has the right to refuse to use the hoist in such
Please note that as this workshop involves practical demonstration staff should be aware
that they should wear flat shoes and practical clothing . You will need to make available
all on site handling aids and equipment that you have available within your care
environment and plan to work within a practice area. As with the training area, this should
be quiet, undisturbed and large enough to accommodate those present.
Any staff who have suffered a back injury within the last 12 months must inform the
trainer prior to the session. N.B Registration details are kept by us for Seven years.
It is important to register on the day. It is a legal requirement that this session will
last a minimum of 12 hours. A true or false audit may be required.

Registration details are kept by us for Seven years and are legal documents. It is important to register in block capitals clearly on the day.

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