Managing Change 2hrs

Managing Change 2hrs

Mct01m | Manager induction standard 5, Optional standard 10.

CIS Refreshed 2012 Manager induction standards

This course contributes toward the recommended guided learning hours, you should carry out practice reflection, document and attach subsequent evidence from this training


Change management has always been a difficult process. Staff are not always open to the idea of change on a regular basis. An individual Manager can make an impact but only once the team delivers that change can the results be found. This modular micro learning session delivers a basic understanding of change management by drumming home the point that change in the health and social care sector is a constant. Staff will carry out assignments and develop a better understanding of working together for the same goal set outcome.


Who should attend?

Managers who are team leaders.

Proposed Learner Outcomes - The worker must be able to
  • Understand the methodology involved in both the process and implementation of change
  • Understand key resistance to change
  • Know how to overcame negativity and resistance to change
  • Identify attitudes to change
  • Know 3 models of change management
  • Develop a check list for change



How many candidates may attend?
This training is not limited in numbers.

Equivalent Relevant information

1. For registered nurses or those involved in the Qualifications and credit framework, who wish to
incorporate this training into your portfolio’s, you should carry out practice reflection (CPD) and attach
subsequent evidence from this training
2. Certificates are issued for each learner, however, selected coordinators can carry out further training.
3. Learner assessments are required for post training audit which may need to be returned to our centre for
N.B Staff must attend the full duration of the session in order to obtain a certificate


Registration details are kept by us for Seven years and are legal documents. It is important to register in block capitals clearly on the day.

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Training was great. Lots of up to date information given, trainer very approachable and friendly. Interacted well with the people on the course and made the matter very interesting. I highly recommend this course and all other courses provided by Incare services to anyone who works in the care industry.

Cristina Damian

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